If desired, ongoing investment management is available for those who want to delegate portfolio management to us. The investment management service would include the following:

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • Investment Allocation - mix of stocks/bonds

  • Investment Selection – low cost, with tax impact awareness

  • Ongoing Investment Management- Quarterly review with adjustments if necessary

Portfolios generally consist of 5-20 low cost ETFs and/or individual stocks using a core-satellite strategy.  Over time, Hicks Financial Partners will “tactically” over-weight or under-weight allocations to these positions relative to long-term targets based upon changing market and macroeconomic conditions and opportunities. Given our focus on risk management, we believe it is important that our tactical decisions do not compromise clients’ objectives and risk-tolerance. As such, we have defined acceptable ranges for target allocations.

Investment Management fees are based on total Assets under Management and have the following fee structure. Note, household accounts would be aggregated together to provide the lowest combined fee.

$0 - $600,000 = 0.75% of assets under management
$600,000 and greater = flat-fee of $4,500 + $40 per account annually